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IP Network PA Amplifier FIP Series


Mô tả

1U height 19 inch rack size power amplifier
Build in speaker line supervision
Build in contact in and contact out to connect third party system
Build in LCD screen
Simple system configuration by system server, paging microphone & IP network amplifier to set
up IP audio system. Huge system capacity of 6,000 zones paging and multiple BGM system.
IP based public address system over LAN/WAN or Internet. Minimum cable connection by using
existing network framework. Non-dedicated network audio system solution.
Economy network PA system for multiple room and multiple program applications. Ideal for
school, office, restaurant and fitness center IP PA sound system.
IP network decoder built-in 100V Amplifier. Rated power output from 120W to 500W.
Two microphone inputs and two line inputs and one line output.
Enable to broadcast Mp3 program or pre-recorded voice message from PC server to IP amplifier.
Remote volume control and program control from server room.
Timely broadcast ring bell or pre-recorded message to pre-set zones.
IP remote paging microphone enables to talk to each speaker zone or amplifier over network.

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