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IP Network Remote Microphone FIP-900TM


Mô tả

Touch screen IP remote microphone, with exquisite appetence, elegant craft and modern design.
Full duplex two way communication between different remote microphones.
● ●
Embed PC technology, built-in DSP &high speed industrial chip to ensure start time less than 1 second.
With 7 inch LCD user-friendly human-machine interface.
With touch screen control and paging to any zone.
Several paging capacity: zone paging, group paging, all zone paging, two way intercom.
Built-in 3W full-range monitor speakers with clear voice restoration and no echo noise.
With SD player to broadcast pre-recorded voice message to different zones.
Build in contact in and contact out to integrate with other third system.
Enable to transmit local sources to be broadcasted over network.
Within one microphone input and one line input and one line output for sound system.
24V DC power supply, the power adapter is included in the packaging
Model: FIP-900TM
IP Network Remote Microphone(Touch Screen)
Hỗ trợ: MP3/MP2
Tốc độ: 10M/100Mbps
Tần số: 20Hz~16KHz(+1dB,-3dB)
One RJ45 port,one line input,one line output,one mic input,one USB input
DC 24V
Trọng lượng: 2.2kg


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