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Trung tâm âm thanh thông báo 6 zone, kèm công suất 240W FTD EN-6240


Mô tả

  • Digital voice evacuation system all in one amplifier.
  • Specifications meet the standards of BS EN54-32 & EN608409.
  • EN54-16 standards certificate is under taken.
  • Built-in 240W 6 zone class-D amplifier.
  • Integration of EVAC controller, paging system, PA system & BGM system together.
  • Built-in two separate players for EVAC and alert voice message by SD card.
  • Built-in 6 zone AB speaker line low impedance supervision.
  • Built-in amplifier auto changeover into standby when fault.
  • With external amplifier input to expansion the power.
  • Capacity of connection 32 units remote microphones.
  • Red button EVAC message push to activate with priority except fireman microphone.
  • 6 zone speaker outputs with separate zone volume control (ATT).
  • 6 zone separate indicator for EVAC, fault, music/paging & select.
  • System indicators of AC, DC, fault and indicators for EVAC, alert & fireman microphone.
  • Zone capacity of 120 zones by cascaded 19 routers.
  • With 8 programmable control inputs and 8 programmable control outputs for voice evacuation system.
  • With Fault, EVAC outputs and Reset input for third party system integration.
  • With fireman microphone of highest priority.
  • Priority level: fireman mic, EVAC, input 1, remote microphone, timer & BGM.
  • Two combo inputs for mic/line, 4 line inputs and one REC output.
  • Two RJ45 ports for router, two RJ45 for remote microphone input and two RJ45 for LAN/WAN/Internet network.
  • IP network module for optional to buy.
  • AC 230V and DC24V battery input. Auto switch into the battery backup when AC fails.

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